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The Obligatory “First Post Introduction” August 10, 2009

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Hi! I’m Carrie. I’m a  midwestern girl with a flair for all things vintage. This will be my own little space for blogging about my obsession for shopping vintage, as well some of my other random interest, such as literature, creative writing, 19th century history, baking, crafting, jewelry making and whatever else I might feel like writing about!

To be completely honest, I really do not know what I am doing as far as setting up this blog, so it will be a learning process. I hope to get it all figured out soon!


One Response to “The Obligatory “First Post Introduction””

  1. Mom Says:

    I think you mastered the whole blog thing very well. I,ve officially read all your thrifting,Swanky Lady Vintage, blogs.Lot,s of fun. Just in time counsel meeting is over. Love ya!

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