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Do you wanna take my picture cause I won’t remember September 9, 2009

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I love this photograph. Last summer, I was sifting through some boxes of old photographs at the local flea market when I came across this bespectacled beauty. I love the angle from which this image was taken, the beautiful gown she is wearing, and the little round glasses perched on her nose. She sort of resembles a Barrymore to me…maybe it’s the chin. For 50 cents, she was all mine. Like many of my impulse buys, this began a bit of a collection for me. Something about peering into the faces of people who lived and died years before anyone in my life was even born yet, it just…fascinates me, I guess. It leaves so much to the imagination.  And it really is amazing to see how vastly the fashions may change, but human expressions are so timeless.



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