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I am not actually the seed of Chucky…. September 16, 2009

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….just in case you were worried.

Anyways, in the spirit of introducing myself through my new blog, here 10 random fun facts about myself!

1. I am Polish twice…once through birth and again through marriage. Blonde and Polish.  So yeah, don’t expect much from me in the “smarts” category.

2. I have two chihuahuas and an African albino claw-footed frog. The frog was a starter pet that continues to thrive and will probably outlive my dogs!

3. I have to eat popcorn in my tomato soup. I know no other way. Trust me, it’s delicious! My grandma learned to make it that way in her high school home economics class and she always fixed it for my mom, and now I can’t eat tomato soup without it. It would be like chili without the oyster crackers!

4. My mom gave me a mullet haircut when I was a toddler. It’s my secret shame. I have since attempted to destroy all photographic evidence.

5. I am double-jointed. Making fists, I can put my hands on my hips and then touch my elbows together in the front. It’s rather freakish looking.

6. I sometimes watch inspirational weight loss shows while eating junk food.

7. I am a total book nerd and my collection is out of control. I form emotional attatchments to my books and I will only loan them out if I really trust and like you.

8. I have baby fever.

9. The Wizard of Oz is still my favorite movie even though I’m 26 years old. I will never stop loving it. I watch it once every year.

10. I don’t have a facebook account.I just found out today my boss has one. My friend’s mom has one. I am possibly the only person left that doesn’t have a facebook. This basically makes me like, an alien or something….


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