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The Thrifting Holy Grail September 18, 2009

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Everyone has one…. well, anyone who has the junking gene has one. Anyone who scours flea markets, garage sales, church thrift shops, even the occasional curbside, has that one unfound treasure at the top of their thrifting dream list. I have found my vintage holy grail!

Ok, my mom found actually found it, but who cares?! She called me at work yesterday because she was so excited to tell me. She found for a mere five dollars, a vintage plastic  Eames Era  terrarium. It is totally space age mod, with it’s white tulip base and clear plastic globe. And it’s huge! Probably about 3 feet high. It is the real deal; I’ve seen reproductions that go for $60 but this is not new. I can tell from slight signs of age, like light discolorations. But for it’s age, it’s in great shape! I almost bought one last year for $50 at the East Peoria Antique mall but that one was smaller and had a crack in the plastic. I am so glad I held out! Anyways, pictures will soon follow but it needs to be cleaned out first. It still had dirt in it when my mom bought it.

In the meantime, here’s two things soon to be posted on my Etsy shop:

vintage avon ring

vintage avon ring

Cute owl salt & peppers

Cute owl salt & peppers


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