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Foundue you wanna come over? September 29, 2009

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fondueI have wanted to have a fondue party for ages. Last year I followed my co-worker’s suggestion and whipped up a yummy chocolate fondue with a Toblerone bar, heavy cream and a nip of brandy. I was not disappointed! I have only made chocolate fondue, although I would love to attempt a cheese fondue and maybe even a meat fondue for my husband, since sweets and cheese are not his thing (weird, I know).

Even though I already have an electric fondue set from our wedding over two years ago, I picked up an orange 1970’s enamel beauty today for a mere $2.49, as well as ” The Better Homes and Garden’s Fondue and Other Tabletop Cooking” circa 1970. My husband said nothing as I lugged my treasures into the house this afternoon. He raised one eyebrow, like Jim from The Office. Despite his incredulous looks, I managed to feel totally justified in buying a vintage fondue pot when I rarely use the perfectly good one we already have. After all, if I ever throw that party, I’m gonna need more than just one fondue pot!


2 Responses to “Foundue you wanna come over?”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Well of course you need two if you are going to throw a partay!! Ha ha! Can I lick the spoon?

  2. swankylady Says:

    Of course you can. 🙂
    Hey, you’re my first official comment! YAY!

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