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The Party’s Over, Dude October 7, 2009

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"Looking For More"

"Looking For More"

 This is one of those old postcards from my collection that I just adore! The picture shows a trio of gloomy pals on a picnic who appear to be bummed out that the well has run dry, so to speak. I wish I could tell what sort of beverage they look so tragically disappointed to have run out of. I know I have a similar expression on my face when there is no chocolate or wine to be found anywhere in the house.

Another thing I love about this postcard is the writing on the back. Under the section marked “for correspondence” is written in sloppy cursive; “Georgia Simmons to Edith Simmons.” In the section marked “for address only” it simply says “Edith Simmons from sister Georgia Simmons”. So cute! It reminds me of something my sisters or I would have done. We were always slipping little notes and things underneath each other’s bedroom doors. Sure, sometimes they were probably hate notes, but still…I like to think we had our share of pleasant correspondences as well!


2 Responses to “The Party’s Over, Dude”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Amanda to Carrie

    “You Barbie hater! You cut all her hair off!”

    Carrie to Amanda

    “Bite Me. I love you.”

  2. swankylady Says:

    heh, yeah,Nicole…it probably went a little something like that.

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