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Dear Diary October 9, 2009

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the inside of my first journal!

the inside of my first journal!

Do you  journal? I have kept a journal since I was twelve and it had been my greatest therapy through many different life situations. Not only is writing it all down something that helps me in the moment, it’s also something I can reflect upon later. It’s especially amusing to now read some of the silly things my thirteen-year-old self deemed important enough to write down. 

Here are a couple of my favorites from the journal of 1995/1996:

October 29, 1995-   My parents took my sisters and I to the campground Friday evening. We sat around the campfire and had hot cocoa, chips and hot dogs. My cousins Nicole and Jenny were there and we watched a scary movie on TV, called “The Haunted Mask”  in Aunt Kathy’s trailer.  Then Tosha & Jenny went to G-ma & G-pa’s trailer to sleep while Nicole and I stayed up in Aunt Kathy’s trailer . We watched the news about two babies that shared the same body and we ate Lifesaver holes. Then we went to bed. 

March 2, 1996-  I went over to Shandi’s house yesterday. We made up dances and performed them in front of her dad and her aunt Sue. They said we did really good

 March 6, 1996-   I could barely do a cartwheel in gym class. It was so humiliating! Jason S. likes me but I do NOT like him. He told me I was beautiful. Give me a break! 

June 29, 1996-    Today we went swimming in our pool the whole day. But my sister Amanda kept going on the front porch to see if Robert was there. Robert is her “boy-friend”. Amanda’s getting ridiculous over him! I asked her if she wanted to play a game (Rapid Recall) but she was too busy dreamily writing his name all over her notebook. I think Robert’s okay, but he’s sorta vain in my opinion. Today is one of those days when I have no one to confide in. My only hope is that no one reads my diary. 

August 26, 1996-   Today Mandy had on a shirt that was green and shimmery and Shandi said that Mandy looked like a gummi bear and we laughed.


2 Responses to “Dear Diary”

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! “I went over to Shandi’s ouse yesterday. We made up dances and performed them in front of her dad and aunt sue. They said e did really good.” hahahaha I remember our little light show dances, they had to hold the flash lights and swirl them around like a disco!!!!

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