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Eventually November 3, 2009

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Whoooo's been a lazy blogger?

I’ve been bad about photographing my vintage treasures lately. I really need to eventually come up with a nice clutter-free space with good lighting where I can take pictures inside. My go-to spot has been on my back patio and that has been okay thus far….but winter is a-comin’ and not only is it getting colder outside, the days are officially shorter now. It’s getting harder to find time in my day for those mini photo-sessions that usually follow after a Tuesday thrifting binge.

Today I visited both of my best friends-it was my one friend’s birthday and the other friend was getting ready to GIVE birth-and then my mom and I squeezed in a little afternoon thrifting.  I took home a Georges Briard enamel cooking pot, some vintage cookie cutters, Mr. and Mrs. Owl salt/pepper shakers, white and pink lotus bowls, a mustard and white mid century modern teapot, and a couple other knick knacks and bits of nonsense. I will probably keep the Georges Briard pot for now, since I have the matching kitchen canisters (somewhere in the shadowy depths of my basement, aka vintage overspill storage facility) but everything will else will eventually make it into my etsy. Key word being eventually.


2 Responses to “Eventually”

  1. deb Says:

    Ok, this is perhaps the cutest owl I have ever seen.

    deb @ relics

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