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Swanky Glasses December 13, 2009

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I found these wonderful glasses with a swanky mid century black and gold design a while back in one of my favorite hole-in-the-wall thrift stores. I think they look like they should be on the set of Mad Men!

There are eight of them. I originally bought them for the shop but over time, as with most of my purchases, I fell in love with them and decided we should never ever be apart, these glasses and I. We were made for each other. We complete each other.

 I will use them for serving everything from Christmas cocktails to my morning O.J. until I am sick of the sight of them. Then when this crazy love affair is over, I will move on to something else and these beauties will be old news. They will then collect dust in the back of my cabinets with the other five hundred sets of cocktail glasses I have purchased in the last several years. Perhaps I will occasionally notice them and smile fondly as I recall our time together but beyond that, we will have nothing. This is most likely how it will all play out.  Thus continues the ongoing secret shame of the compulsive thrifter…..


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