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Trash or Treasure? January 12, 2010

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This picture has nothing to do with this blog entry.I just really liked these guys….

  After a lovely morning of lazing about, TV watching, and excessive coffee drinking, my thrifting taxi arrived to pick me up around today around 11:00. First stop, nourishment.

After a very gourmet dining experience at the Taco Bell (where the employee behind the counter informed me that Taco Supremes were not on the menu today because there had been too many people who had gotten sick, then laughed at my bewildered expression until I realized it was just a joke) we then headed out to some of our best secret thrifting spots. All our old haunts were packed today! Nothing makes my heart sink quite like a crowded thrift store…well, except for maybe a closed thrift store. 

Luckily, most of the people shopping had no interest in the beauties I had my eyes trained upon as I calmly and cooly surveyed the shelves. I quickly grabbed a ceramic owl jar with wooden spoons sticking out of his head while the lady next to me ogled a plastic M&M dispenser. I couldn’t believe no one had yet nabbed the cute set of vintage stacking mugs I then scrambled to collect, wildly looking around me as I yanked a hot pink vintage slip right off a nearby hanger. I was giddy excitement, heady with the thrill of my hunt. I could smell the bargains. I felt satisfied and slightly smug as I spilled my treasures onto the counter to be rung up. They were mine, all mine! The cute little old ladies that volunteer at this particular shop smiled sweetly at me as I arranged my finds and counted out exact change. It was going to be a wonderful day in the thrifting neighborhood; I could feel it. 

As my shopping accomplice and I left the shop, I overheard the one blue-haired say to the other “Boy, you just never know what junk one person might find and count as treasure!” I almost felt insulted for a moment, but then I thought of the M&M lady and how thrilled she seemed to have found her candy dispenser. I thought of the crazy-looking guy with coke bottle glasses in the back of the store flipping through the bin of plastic 3-ring binders and outdated computer manuals. These people like what they like and there is nothing wrong with that. We all have the things that make us smile; for some of us it’s a new pair of shoes or a designer handbag. For my husband, it’s anything Chicago Cubs. For me, it’s too many things too mention. 🙂 

This is why I like shopping vintage; I find things that no one else I know has and I get to experience the thrill of searching these things out. I get to meet interesting people and I get to recycle and appreciate things that would otherwise be tossed away or molding in someone’s basement. Thank heavens we don’t all like the same thing or there’d never be anything left for me to find on my Thrifty Tuesdays!


4 Responses to “Trash or Treasure?”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I wanna go with you! Ha ha, like I need any more junk!

  2. swankylady Says:

    You should…together we’d be unstoppable…(diabolical laugh)muahaha!

  3. your chariot Says:

    I love the way you describe scanning the shelves, trying to be so nonchalent but inside you’re almost screaming to yourself “HURRY”. OOPS I got a little carried away just thinking about it.

    Love ya.
    Your partner in crime

  4. swankylady Says:

    You understand! That’s why we make such a shopping team, we’re both a little crazy about it! I missed you today 😦

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