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Ladies Day Out January 21, 2010

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image via My Vintage Vogue

Much to my annoyance, I have not managed to take any photographs of my finds from this past thrifty Tuesday or from the week before. The sun has been MIA for the past several days and my early morning pre-work photo shoots are not possible without good natural light. I’m getting increasingly antsy because I have so many treasures just waiting to be listed in my shop! I’m not even going to bother describing any of my recent finds until I have photographic evidence to go with it.

Tuesday was wonderful because not only did I get to make the thrifting rounds with my mom as usual, but we were joined by my awesome aunt and cousin! My childhood was spent (well, a good portion of early summer mornings was spent) frequenting endless garage sales with my sisters,our cousin, and our mothers. At one point on Tuesday, while we were riding in the back of the car, Nicole turned to me and said, “I am having a flashback of when we were little and we went to all those sales.”

She was right; we went to quite a few. Those were the days: riding around in the back of minivans packed with stuff, sipping on generic brand sodas somebody’s kid was always peddling out of a cooler at the big neighborhood garage sale. Even though we’d eventually get hot, tired and crabby, it was always fun while it lasted. If you had a dollar in your hot little hand, you were rich for a day! Years later, I still like to dig for treasures and lay claim to little bits of history that need a new home. I find more value in things with a story, things that are not made any longer, things I know not everyone has. Our mothers dragged us along all those years ago and now we have them to thank for helping develop our eclectic style, our affinity for antiques, the unique and the beautiful, and for recycling and repurposing things into our homes and our lives. Thanks, ladies!


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