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I Put a Curse On You February 2, 2010

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Mid century modern cheese board...makes me crave some good cheese and a glass of vino

this fun purse went to Japan today!

swanky coffee carafe

Not my typical thrifting Tuesday, as my mom is in the boondocks of Alaska to visit my crazy little sister, her equally crazy husband, and their adorable cherub baby, Joshua. I probably would have slept in but this morning I had my “yearly fun” doctor appointment, as I so dryly like to put it. I know how important and vital to preventative health these visits are, yadda yadda, etc. etc, but dang! How very uncomfortable and awkward they are! I always feel like I should get a cigarette and a dinner offer afterwards. Anyways, that was probably a classic case of TMI but oh, well. Nobody really reads this thing besides the women in my life anyways.

I did manage to sneak out for a little while simultaneously running some errands but I have to say, it wasn’t as fun by myself. That special spark was gone, the camaraderie, the fun of turning to someone else to say “oh, look, isn’t this cute?” or “oh, look, isn’t this hideous?” However, you do meet and/or notice more strange and interesting people when you’re out shopping alone. While in the dressing room at Goodwill (yes, I still shop there after my great big price rant), I overheard this conversation:

Older lady with frizzy hair: (raised voice) “How much is this purse!?! I thought purses were $4.99!”

Female clerk: “This purse is $6.98, ma’am.”

Lady: (raised an octave more) “Boy, that’s expensive! Why is it so EXPENSIVE?”

Clerk: “Because it’s Fossil, ma’am.”

Lady: “What’s a fossil? I just wanted a purse!”

Clerk: “Fossil is a brand.”

Lady:  “ Well, I don’t care about brands; I just like purses.”, followed by a long spiel about how things are so expensive these days, how she’s had to put things back on the shelf all day 

Clerk: (fake sympathetic tone) “I’m sorry, ma’am. Here, I’ll take it back for you”.

 Lady:  “This means bad luck. I hope you don’t have bad luck tomorrow. If you do, you’ll know why!’”

My mouth fell open when she said that. What a little weirdo! I mean, I may complain about prices in my blog, but I would never harass a sales clerk about them. That’s rude and about as futile as complaining to your mailman about how much stamps cost. How can they help it? They are just doing their jobs. She obviously just needed to take her financial frustrations out on anyone who would listen. 

After I emerged from the dressing room, I paid for my purchases up front and took a quick glance at the clerk’s face. She looked nonplussed. With that many people coming through the doors each day, she probably sees all shapes and sizes of crazy in that store. Still, when she informed me that my purchase had a pink half-off tag, I could not help myself. “Good! Or I might have had to put a hex on your whole week”, I said, laughing. Her face lit up with a smile. I am in a retail job myself, so I understand. Sometimes you want to talk trash about a customer sooo bad but there is no other employee around to dish with. You can’t randomly gossip with the next customer after waiting on a kook, but it’s always nice when the next customer initiates it. You feel validated in your thoughts, knowing you weren’t the only one that just witnessed a nut-job or a-hole or both.

 The sales clerk just smiled as she rang up my purchases. “What can ya do?” she said sweetly. She was still smiling to herself as I left.


4 Responses to “I Put a Curse On You”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Ah, if you ever need a thrifty buddy call me and I may be able to steal away from work 🙂

  2. swankylady Says:

    yay! maybe we can look for a giant fake chihuahua next! 🙂

  3. julie Says:

    you know me I have to say something when I experience the injustices of the world. I know I embarasse you so I try to contol myself. I,m glad you missed me.

    • swankylady Says:

      of course I missed ya! And no, you do NOT embarrass me …well, maybe when you sing and dance down the aisles. 🙂

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