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The Kitsch and the Cute February 7, 2010

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big eyed kitty

sweet little bow necklace

bamboo Hawaiian souvenir tray

vintage anchor necklace

Swiss chalet music/jewelry box

miniature desktop file cabinet

 My husband is watching the Stuporbowl. I am perusing Etsy, reading my favorite crafty/design blogs, and uploading pictures I took this morning of my stuff for Etsy. I am trying really hard to move some of the things I’ve purchased lately. I really want to start focusing more on my own house as far as cleanliness, organization, and design.

I want to paint the little mismatched shelves I bought two months ago that are still on the floor in the back of my car. I want to put up more things on the walls. I have a notebook full of little projects and ideas and not one of those things have been crossed off. I wish someone from one of those HGTV shows would pop out from the shadows and exclaim “Carrie, are you one lucky girl! We’re going to help you create the home of your dreams!” Well, ok..maybe keep the scenario minus popping out from the shadows. That might be sort of terrifying.

I have so many neat things that are lost in the disorder. I will NEVER be a minimalist but I also want organized chaos, if that makes any sense. I don’t mind my eclectic style and crazy collections as long as it isn’t spread out in a jumbled mess across the house and partly boxed up in the basement. Which it totally is. I need to get a handle on my hoarding tendencies. I’m officially adding this to the mile-long list of my personal goals for 2010.


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