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ROY G BIV February 9, 2010

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my first fashion icon

rainbow enamel teapot

Don Ho highball glass with rainbow swizzle sticks

Polaroid land camera...with a little rainbow graphic!

vintage abacus

  I recently watched a home video that my cousin played for all of us at a family gathering. In the footage, a four-year-old me squirreled around in front of the camera while my relatives conversed about the birth of my cousin. Someone then asked me if I would like my mom to bring me a new baby sibling and whether I would prefer a brother or a sister.

“I want a Rainbow Bright baby,” I replied, jumping around in my Rainbow Bright sweatshirt with ruffles around the shoulders. 

I eventually grew out of the Rainbow Bright mania that consumed my early years, after countless dollars were spent on my mother’s part acquiring for me the toys, the cereal, the pajamas, the clothes, etc. One thing I never grew out of-my affinity for all things rainbow hued. I still love organizing and displaying things in an order that is reminiscent of the spectrum of light I so admire. Even though the design community is “sooo over” arranging books on your bookshelf in order by color, I still like the idea and hope to one day have a rainbow-colored bookshelf.

While out thrifting, I often find myself drawn to things with rainbow colors without even being aware of it. This morning I was photographing some new goodies for Etsy and I realized how many things followed my favorite color scheme. I guess Rainbow Bright inspires me still!


4 Responses to “ROY G BIV”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Long live the 80s, I’m glad we were both made in them!

  2. swankylady Says:

    me, too! Although, some day that is going to sound so weird to our grandchildren…. ” the 1980’s? What was life like way back in the olden days, grandma?”

  3. Mom Says:

    you were so cute and sweet,such a joy in my life. When you were a toddler I remember trying to journal what you were doing(milestones) in your little life. I wasn’t disciplined enough to keep up but I remember feeling the joy you brought to me and wondered if someday I would be able to tell you how proud I was of you and how much I love you. Well this is that opportunity and I,m taking it. Love YOU! I got so carried away I almost forgot to mention that deep little voice you had that said all those cute little things.

  4. swankylady Says:

    awww, thanks mom!!! love you too! 🙂

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