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Goofballs for Life February 14, 2010

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Dance, Magic, Dance!


Last night was so fun! It was one of those guilty pleasure kind of nights. My darling cousin Nicole and I got together and celebrated the cheap thrills in life. First we met at Steak N Shake for total shameful yumminess. I had the Guacamole burger with fries and she had a club (turkey club?) sandwich and fries. Our entire meal was under $10 after we used the coupons she brought. Yes, people, COUPONS! I never save coupons but after seeing our bill shrink a couple of dollars, I might start. I just need one of those coupon books for my purse. So “granny chic”…

After dinner, we headed back to Nicole’s swanky pad and watched some guilty pleasure movies, first the Labyrinth, which she had never seen. I grew up on this movie; my best friend introduced it to us and it became a slumber party staple. Then we watched Pippi and the South Seas. Growing up, Pippi was my cousin’s idol. She made us watch all of the Pippi films whenever we were at her parent’s place or our Grandma’s house. She even dressed up as her now and then, with her mismatched socks held up by makeshift paper clip garters. You know those artist types, eccentric from childhood. (Just kidding, Coz!)

All in all, it was a very fun and silly night. It was close to midnight when I left and we were quite giddy from ice cream and David Bowie in ill-fitting pants. We couldn’t stop laughing from one particular moment: we were discussing that one video on you-tube where the little boy is drugged up from the dentist. We began acting it out with different things the little woozy kid said, such as “Is this real life?” and “Am I gonna be like this forever?”

A second or two passed and I began to watch the movie again. Then Nicole decided to act out the part where the little boy lifts himself partly off the seat, leans forward, and in a panicked voice screams “AHHHH!.” There was a split second, before I realized she was still mimicking the boy from the video, that I was confused. Alarmed, I looked at her and then across the room to see what she screaming at. She took one look at my bewildered expression and dissolved into laughter, mid-scream. I then realized what she was doing and started laughing. Then something wonderful happened….we couldn’t stop. I have not laughed like that in ages-the kind of laughter that dies off and then starts up again, the kind of laughter that makes it hard to breathe. We were still laughing when I left that night. I smiled all of the way home. Sometimes you forget to just stop and laugh. Life gets so serious, so full of drudgery and every day crap. I needed to laugh like that. It was like a release, as intense as a  really good cry only happy. Ice cream and laughter…we really had it right as children, didn’t we?


One Response to “Goofballs for Life”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Amen, brother Ben, shot the rooster, killed the hen.

    I was still laughing when you left as well, I loved your bewilderment!

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