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Addicted to Awesome February 17, 2010

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little gold owl dish for jewelry or soap

midcentury "Come for Coffee" invitations

vintage mail/letter organizer

Just a couple of things I’ve sold recently. I’ve been busy listing and selling on Etsy this past week. I try to list 1-2 new items a day. I’ve purchased so many things here and there over the past few months that I really need to thin out my inventory before I even THINK of buying anything more. It’s so hard, though! That’s the problem with this Etsy thing…it just seems to feed my vintage addiction even more. When I see something cute, whether I need it or not, I find myself snatching it up for “the shop”.  At least the addiction I suffer from doesn’t cause me any bodily harm…unless my shelves were to collapse and all my stuff were to fall on top of me. Then it might become dangerous. Until then, it’s just a hazard to my wallet.


3 Responses to “Addicted to Awesome”

  1. Mom Says:

    CAUTION !!

  2. Mom Says:

    I love the invites.

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