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Goodbye my Pretties! March 4, 2010

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pretty fleur de lis patterned china

little brass kitty

cage of pearls bracelet (just listed & sold today)

Bewitchingly cute greeting cards

mid century beaded necklace-so very Mad Men era!


As fun as it is hunting out and finding vintage treasures, it is even more fun packing them up and shipping them off to their new owners. Ok, that was a lie…it is much more fun to find them!  

Deciding to list and eventually saying goodbye to some of my favorites can sometimes become harder than you would think for a chronic thrift store shopper like myself. Sometimes I have momentary seller’s remorse, but then I shake it off and remind myself that I know it’s all for the best. I can’t keep everything I like!  Parting with the majority of my finds is what enables me to do what I so love to do week after week. This whole experience on Etsy has been great so far. I am so thankful for the Etsy community and all the wonderful and friendly customers. Someday I’d like to have an actual little shop, with both vintage and handmade treasures, but that dream seems very far away. For now I have Etsy!


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