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I want Candy April 1, 2010

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a pair of hooters *teehee!*

I want to keep this clock!

another pretty pin

Due to my overwhelming fear of ending up on the show Hoarder’s, I’ve been trying to buy less and sell more. Despite my valiant efforts, I think I’m still breaking even each week. This week I adopted: the items listed above, obnoxiously vibrant and floral melmac dishes, an old flour tin, tiny old binoculars, pink 1950’s sunglasses in a knitted case, pretty vintage slips, an orange mod desk lamp, a yellow frosted glass drink pitcher, a peachy-pink frosted glass pitcher, a small aqua Pyrex refrigerator dish and…more. Just listing it all I feel a bit ill, like a kid who has eaten too much candy. Yeah, it seems I gots me one hell of a sweet tooth.


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