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Always Sniff the Merchandise April 11, 2010

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mod retro lamp (already sold)

retro pedestal mug set

pretty pastel purple ice bucket

sweet little ceramic lady/vase

 Today was my sister-in-law’s bridal shower, which was in a town about 35 minutes away. 

After the shower, my mother turned slyly to me and said, “I think I know where their local Goodwill is located.”

“Oh, we might as well pop in for a minute, since we’re in the neighborhood,” I replied, trying to sound nonchalant.  I tried to rationalize thrift store shopping on a Sunday, since I won’t get my Tuesday off this week.

Oh…my…goodness. I hit the mid century modern/atomic retro jackpot! I was in my own version of retail heaven. The first thing I did was snatch up a glass pitcher with a swanky gold and black diamond pattern. I hadn’t even started looking yet. I could see a treasure trove of dishes sparkling on the shelves before me. “I need a cart,” I said urgently.

Soon, I was scurrying around in a tizzy, marveling at how wonderful this Goodwill was. I am so accustomed to our picked-over thrift stores in town. This was off the beaten path of city hipsters and so chock-full of vintage goodies that I am seriously wondering if I shouldn’t turn my Tuesdays into mini thrifting road trips and check out what other small town thrift stores have to offer.

Some of my haul included: a set of pale pink Melmac dishes, four juice glasses with a yellow atomic starburst pattern, a mid century modern gold magazine rack with gold stars, two cherries and citrus pattern drinking glasses, and a white metal shabby chic shelf. I spent just under $20. I walked away from a really cool Eames era desk lamp, but $5 was a bit much for me to spend on one item, especially since it had no light bulb and I had no way to test if it even worked. I did see this one crazy guy I usually see at our local Goodwills. It seems he will travel far and wide to sniff paintings and mumble obscure ramblings at fellow shoppers.


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