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Attack of the Kitschy Crap April 29, 2010

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happy little mugs

retro cartoon veggie canisters

1980's microwave recipe box

vintage 1970s kitchen canisters (sold)

I’m just getting around to sorting and listing stuff I bought two weeks ago. I’ve been in a little Etsy slump lately, with only one sale in the past week. I have so many neat-o things to list! I haven’t been in a buying slump at all. I keep finding so many kitschy treasures for reasonable prices…my back bedroom, aka catch-all room,  is bursting at the seams. I need so very badly to get organized. I think we’re going to list the guest bed on Craigslist sometime soon because we never have overnight guests and it is taking up so much room. I’d like an extra shelf for storing some of the more breakable things that I am listing. Right now I have it all piled up on my newly-painted hutch that is still sitting in the garage!


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