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Pass the melanoma May 5, 2010

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madga budzinski

After much internal debate, I signed up for a tanning package tonight. I know it is so bad for my skin, but I cannot be seen in my Bridesmaid dress looking like I do, which is a dreadfully pasty white with bluish undertones. And I really don’t like the orange-y glow of the skin-friendly spray tan, which gives one a pallor I like to refer to as the Oompa Loompa Effect. I really don’t want to fry myself to a crisp, so I plan on 5 minute increments with the facial bulb switched off. I also bought lotion that cost me what I spend on a week’s groceries, which caused me major buyer’s remorse/guilt.

I know without a doubt that I could never become of “those women”-you know the type. They work out and tan excessively, spend wads of cash on getting manis and pedis and expensive mineral make-up kits. It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy looking so hot all the time, it’s the guilt I would feel upon spending so much money on myself.  I couldn’t handle it. I feel like a big spender when I walk out of Goodwill with a bag of clothes that I spent 20 bucks on. I don’t know how I ended up this way. I spent money in my early twenties like it was going out of style. I blew my entire paychecks on clothes, eating out and going out. Now I am such a frugal lady. I find cute things for a fraction of what they originally cost and I almost never go to the mall. Queen of the thrift stores and proud of it!


2 Responses to “Pass the melanoma”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Give it up for the white chicks!!!!

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