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Into the mind of an Apron Hoarder May 12, 2010

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little German weather house

shabby chic kitchen canisters

1950s drink pitcher

 Thrifting has been good lately, even if the shop has not. Tuesday was a short but sweet thrift shopping spree that resulted the drink pitcher and tiny German weather house above, as well as some things that will not be going into the shop, ever! This includes two adorable aprons for my insane collection: one was 75 cents and is a yellow and peach floral pattern with a yellow ruffle trim and heart-shaped pocket. The other was $1 and is a botanical leaf pattern in shades of pink and grey.

When I found the yellow apron at my favorite shop, the one with all the old lady volunteers, this older lady came up to me with a big smile and said “Oh, goody, I’m glad to see that get a home-it’s so cute!” I smiled back and replied “Oh, yeah, I wouldn’t pass this up in a million years”.

“I always wondered who these people are that still collect aprons” she mused.

“You’re looking at one” I laughed, proceeding to tell her about the huge stash in the back of my closet, behind my winter coats. We then had a  discussion about the history of aprons and the women who wore them, and what it means to hold on to these outdated scraps of cloth that were once so crucial to the everyday housewife’s life. The lady said she remembered how most women back then had aprons for cleaning or cooking in, and prettier, more fancy aprons for entertaining in. We came to the conclusion that women then were able to bring a bit of loveliness to their every day routine without spending as much money as modern women do. They could make a frilly little apron out of flour sack material or curl their hair with strips of  rags.

I know part of the reason for my apron collecting is nostalgia for a different era, a simpler time. A part of me wishes to connect with the women of my past, the women who make up the branches in my family tree and yet who I never got the chance to know in my adult life. Another part of me collects them simply because they are so pretty! Whatever the reason, it’s fun to talk to people who understand and willingly help to rationalize your addiction. Not that I need any help in that department…


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