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Dream Item No.315: A Giant Empty Warehouse June 22, 2010

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floral pump-a-drink thermos

vintage egg-beater

pink plastic pitcher from the 1950's

Listed above are a couple of items listed or soon to be listed in the shop. Maybe. If I get around to it.

I’ve been sort of lackadaisical about the whole Etsy thing lately. I’m not closing up shop but I’m not spending as much time on it either. I guess this sudden half-hearted approach is a precautionary method; I’m trying to pace myself lest I burn out completely. I don’t want the whole vintage resale thing to ever become a burden.

 Lately, I have had to remind myself that it is supposed to be fun. Resale was simply something I fell into to support my compulsive thrift store shopping. I never expect to depend on any income generated by my shop-I am lucky if I make in a week what I feverishly spend in one day. I have enough “inventory” to keep me out of the stores for months but l have trouble motivating myself to photograph and list it.

The shopping is the fun part! The part I have always enjoyed, whether it is for myself or for resale. I actually get a little rush when I pull into the parking lot of my favorite shops. My heart beats a bit faster as I scour the shelves for discarded treasures. I love the thrill of the hunt, the excitement of snatching up something really unique and special, something kitschy or cute.

I didn’t do any vintage shopping for the past two Tuesdays in a row.(!) I know I have to sell some more stuff before I bring anything else into this house, which truly annoys me. Why can’t I have a gigantic attic or storage shed where I can hoard all of my best finds? I saw an old dude on American Pickers the other night and he had an entire warehouse for all his antiques and curiosities!

Of course, he was trying to get rid of it before he kicks the bucket so that his uninterested (stupid) children are not left with his giant collection of awesomeness. Still…a giant warehouse. That would rock.


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