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I want it all August 4, 2010

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vintage 5-strand pearl necklace

starburst scarf clip

vintage bowling trophy!

Above are some finds I’ve had for a while now & just got to listing in the shop. *sigh* I really wish I had more time at home during daylight hours to take more photographs of all my hoarded treasures.

Yesterday I squeezed in a quick thrifting excursion with my mom. It was somewhat a challenging trip due to the presence of my cute but onery nephew! We did manage to score a few finds. I came home with an enamel daisy pin, a chunky yellow choker necklace from the 1950’s-60’s, three of the old Ball mason canning jars- the blue glass type with the zinc lids, a really neat metal candelabra, 2 vintage chiffon baby doll nighties (with some slight yellowing to the lace and trimming, but I’ll soak them overnight and hope for the best), an oval china platter in Blue Heaven pattern, and a very atomic retro casserole dish.  Total: under $25. Not too shabby!

My main regret of the day? Passing up on a gorgeous vintage wardrobe. This thing was beautiful. It had some flaws but the quality and the beautiful curvy shape at the top was amazing. I’d date it 1920’s-1930’s. It was only $80, although it needed to be refinished. There was water damage to the legs and a chip in the wood that would have been hard to fix. Still…it was a steal of a deal. Too bad I’m banned from bringing any more “special projects” home for the husband.

Another notable item I passed on: a giant ice cream cone-shaped cookie jar! It was too cute. At $10, I thought the price was a bit high for a thrift store, plus it had a real-live spider crawling on it! The cashier, a very nice young man, came over and delicately killed it with a Kleenex for me. I thanked him for his chivalry and then continued to look over the jar, finding that it had quite a bit of crazing in the glaze. I talked myself out of it and said a reluctant goodbye. At least I didn’t have to explain the appeal of an gigantic ice cream cone shaped cookie jar to a bewildered husband.


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