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Goodbye, Sweet Summer September 3, 2010

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Ice cream & Wii night! My sister is only here for a couple more days so even though I was tired after work tonight, I forced myself off the couch and drove over to my parents house for some quality time with the fam. I brought over my new Wii game for my nephew to play.

Rayman Raving Rabbids!

It was so fun! I like silly games like this, fun games with no real violence. I mean, the main weapon was a toilet plunger. We took a little break and drove up the street to Theo’s for some ice cream. Theo’s is a small locally-owned ice cream shack that my sister and I both worked at for our first jobs. We had to get workers permits the first summer because we were only fourteen.
I had a medium twist cone, my sister and nephew had sundaes. Soon Theo’s will be closed until next year. I can’t believe the summer has ended and fall is creeping in. I felt it in the air tonight, a chill and a certain feeling I can never put words to but has always made me kind of sad. I can remember floating in the backyard pool as a child, the leaves floating down and landing all around me, and thinking that it was almost over, the sweet freedom of summer.
I am twenty-seven now, my summers have little of that wild abandonment of youth, but I still feel that tiny pang of sadness when the summer is ending.

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