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Poetry Reading September 7, 2010

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My best pal Shandi had a poetry reading in a local coffee shop tonight. She did really great and it was really brave of her to read her private thoughts out loud like that. I don’t know if I could do that. It did inspire me to write more poetry, though. I haven’t really written poems for the better part of two years. Whenever I feel the urge to write, I tend to work on a story or I just write out my thoughts in my journal. Sometimes I write here, although nothing too serious. Usually.

 Tonight I got home and furiously typed out three spur-of-the-moment poems. I can polish them up later, but for now they are what they are. Rough little thoughts I dug up from a quarry of long-buried emotions. I can string them together and make something unique and all mine.

Here is the first one I wrote:


                              “no matter where you are

                              or how many years from now

                                           or how far

                          may you always know I love you

always know this:

even if someday

at your desk, surrounded by pictures

of someone who isn’t me

children who aren’t mine and yours

you think of me

you can know without a doubt

that I am out there somewhere

still thinking of you

and still loving you”


at least, that’s what I told him

when I felt him slipping away

I meant it then

it seemed the thing to say

I can only hope

 he forgot my words

My pledge, my love


If I could take it back,

 I would reword it a bit

and give it to you.



2 Responses to “Poetry Reading”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I heart your blog so much, I’m considering starting my own.

  2. swankylady Says:

    you should!!! I would read it 🙂

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