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Wee, wee,wee! all the way home September 19, 2010

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What a fun but random day! It included: church, Sunday football and pizza at our friends house, listing stuff on Etsy, popsicles, making Schnitzel for dinner,  and finally, a late night walk with a friend where we saw a large pig(yes, a pig!!) in an alley. All of the sudden, my friend stopped in her tracks and said “What’s that over there!?” I squinted and said “A dog?” It looked too big to be a dog. It only took me another second to realize I was dead wrong. “It’s a pig!” We were stunned. This thing was so huge that my normal impulse to rescue every kind of God’s creatures was totally absent. I just wanted to keep walking.

I’d like to say that it looked like this:

but in reality, it was closer to this:

The one we saw was almost entirely white. It was hard to see because it was dark out and it was about 10 feet away and partly obscured by some trash cans. It didn’t appear to be chained or tied to anything. I never saw its face just it’s HUGE body and tiny wagging tail. It was grunting and oink-ing its heart out as it rooted around. Helpless with bewildered laughter, we walked away and vowed to do something about it if he (or she, I suppose) was still there when we finished our walk. By the time we returned about 45 minutes later, our friend the pig was long gone. Hopefully it was someone’s pet and they brought him in for the night!


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