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Thrifting Mojo September 22, 2010

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The morning began like any other typical Tuesday thrifting excursion. We plotted out our thrifting route, designating which stores we would hit, which ones we would miss. We had a solid three hours to kill so we stopped at the ATM for some fundage and then we headed off.

 First stop: obscure unmarked thrift store with the friendly owners who know us by name. They run it out of an old house; a separate part of the upper floor is occupied by renters. We call it “The Pink Door House” because, well….it has a pink door. The guy who owns the place was saving a box of the dishes I collect for me to look through. The last time I was in we discussed collections and he was quite excited when I mentioned some glassware that he happens to have boxes of in his own basement. He told me to come in again the following week and he’d have them for me. Well, when we got there, the door was still locked and the open sign was off, despite the fact that it was their normal business hours. I was bummed!

 Next stop: Goodwill. Again, disappointment. There was absolutely nothing interesting on the shelves. Not even any good books. I did find a huge, white and poufy crinoline slip in the Halloween costumes. For $3.99, I had to have it…don’t ask me why. For the next time I wear a fabulous 1950’s ball gown out to buy groceries, I suppose. There was a lady flipping through the same rack as me and she nabbed the red crinoline slip I was eyeing. I squinted my eyes at the back of her frizzy head and sent a silent voodoo curse her way. 

Third stop: a small little church-run shop where all the cute old ladies volunteer. Last week I found a retro aqua and white ice bucket and a faux leopard print swing coat. This week…NADA.  In the car afterwards, I bemoaned my usual lack of thrifting luck as I stared at my giant bag full of fluffy fabric. “Mom, I think I have lost my thrifting mojo”, I said pathetically. She wrinkled up her face and said “What’s a mojo??”

 I said, “Yunno, like Austin Powers? “I’ve lost my mojo!” Remember?” 

She looked perplexed. I sighed.

Whatever. It didn’t matter if she got it, the point was that my luck was sucking big time. We swung by The Pink Door House again and it was still closed. We stopped by another Goodwill in the town across the bridge and I was relieved when I found two vintage aprons, $1.99 each, for my collection. Maybe I wasn’t cursed after all. After that, we drove down the road to the Mission Mart where I found a deer planter and a gold-painted cast iron planter in the shape of a cowboy boot. I started to get excited. Before our day was through, I found a pink Georges Briard ice bucket, two more aprons, two pairs of salt and pepper shakers, a German weather house/cuckoo clock and an enamel flower pin. Weee!!

I've still got it, baby!

cuckoo for cuckoo clocks

salt & peppa

miniature world globe salt & pepper shakers

deer planter (my best friend has the same one!)

atomic pattern juice pitcher that I forgot to mention


4 Responses to “Thrifting Mojo”

  1. Megan Says:

    Hi –
    I found your blog from the Numero blog a while ago & have been following it – especially because I’m in Peoria & love thrifting as well 🙂

    I wanted to let you know I’m having a garage sale selling LOTS of vintage items – I had an Etsy store too a couple years ago and was in the works of getting it started back up – but found out we were expecting so I’ve put the plan on hold for a while as I figure out being a mom 🙂

    Anywoo – I thought of you because of your store & love for vintage as well, I think I have some great finds – and am basically selling them for what I bought them for. I also have 4-5 typewriters which go for a killing on Etsy and it’s hard for me to part with them – but hope to pass them along to someone else 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know … hopefully this isn’t too stalker-ish, haha – my address is 1123 E Willcox Ave (actually up street from the ‘pink door’ thrift shop, off of Prospect past the zoo), and the sale is Fri & Sat 8am-3pm, and Saturday I’m going half-price ALL day because I want everything gone 🙂 Feel free to email me if ya have any questions. I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. swankylady Says:

    Hi, Megan! I am so mad that I don’t update my blog more regularly…it cost me what sounded like a really good thrifting opportunity! Doh!

    Haha, no that doesn’t sound stalker-ish at all. I’m just sorry I didn’t get to come to your garage sale, although I was out of town Saturday. Did you sell all your typewriters? I happen to collect them (among a million of other things, hehe). Thanks for following my blog, sometimes I think I am just writing for myself and my one loyal reader, my cousin. 🙂

  3. swankylady Says:

    oh, and congrats on becoming a new mom!!

  4. My deer planter is white

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