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A semi-productive Weekend November 28, 2010

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Some stuff I listed or will list this week :

pink ice bucket

1960's typing course manuel


vintage shoes

tipsy elephant tip trays/coasters


This weekend I:

*lived through another couple of days without my own vehicle (my car died for good last week)

*ruined my first and only batch of salted caramels. My candy thermometer must have lied to me, because instead of chewy wonderfulness, I got a hard caramel brick

*celebrated Thanksgiving again, this time with the in-laws who were out of town on turkey day

*churched it up

*ate at a local restaurant called the Spotted Cow. I went for a  pork tenderloin sandwich since there were cute smiling cows all over the place

*went mall-walking with a friend. I sort of felt like an 80-year-old but it was too cold outside

*ate my husband’s delicious turkey tetrazzini , an annual tradition for leftovers

*listed some goodies on the Etsy shop

*made a lemon-strawberry shake-up (with a splash of vodka) which I am currently enjoying!

*sigh* Monday will be here in just a few hours 😦


2 Responses to “A semi-productive Weekend”

  1. I loved my elephant tray that I found years ago, but now I have no idea where it is and who said you could go out walking with anyone but me?

  2. swankylady Says:

    Oh, yeah, I forgot you had one like the ones I bought! I wanted to keep mine but alas, I have too much stuff. We need to walk sometime…or at least hang out!

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