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Evil Elves December 5, 2010

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Yay for lazy Sundays! The morning started off awfully, with a terrible migraine that made me believe there were evil little cartoon elves inside my head whacking away at my brain with tiny pickaxes. I realized that we were out of Advil and my Excedrin migraine, so I took a painkiller that was leftover from my surgery in October. That took care of that. Even though I missed church, I was out of bed in under an hour and slugging coffee like my usual self.

Since the mid-morning light streaming into the kitchen was so wonderful, I took some photos of stuff for Etsy. My pile of purchased goods on the kitchen table is slowly diminishing; sales have been pretty decent this week. Here are some things listed (or soon to be listed) this week:

toadstool pepper mill, listed last night & already sold

set of wooden bowls with painted cherry design

retro lion wall plaque

sparkly vintage brooch

1960s bird brooch


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