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What a Doll December 12, 2010

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This has been the week for random acts of kindness…so cool! The Husband went to make a payment on the balance at one of my Doctors office, and after he paid, one of the women from the financial dept. stopped him and asked “Hey, how would you like to have the last two office visits taken off?” To which he replied “seriously?” She smiled and said “Merry Christmas!”  I just could not believe it when he told me that. I am not sure how or why it happened but I feel an enormous sense of relief that our balance is now almost paid off.  Especially since as of Thursday night, I am the proud owner of my first brand-new car, a silver Chevy Cruze. (!)

 The other act of kindness was not as random, but still really awesome. Sometime last week I was reading one of my favorite blogs ( http://novimnet.livejournal.com/ ) and the author, Sandra B. posted her work address with a request for people to send her mail to open at work. I have lurked on her journal forevs, so I thought it the perfect opportunity to drop her a line and tell her how much I enjoy reading about her adventures. Friday morning as I was leaving for work, I looked down and in the door way I found a package of baked goodies from her! It totally made my morning, even though I was running late and I didn’t have time to eat anything.

 When I got home, I promptly inhaled one of the foot-shaped gingerbread cookies. It had frosting to look like pink toenails and little pink warts…so freakin adorable. And it was the best gingerbread cookie I have ever had in my life, hands down. Also included were cranberry apple muffins and lemon-ginger scones. This morning I finished off the scones with my coffee…so amazingly scrumptious. If Sandra ever starts her own bakery and will ship out her goodies, she will have an instant customer in me!


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