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A Swell Christmas December 24, 2010

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I finished up at work at 12:30 today and am now off until Monday…yay!It was a good day because it was short and because we got our Christmas bonuses. Our boss gave us all hugs as he handed them out.  My coworker Kay gave me the same Food Lover’s Companion book she has; I’d always admired hers. Now I can be an official foodie. 😉

It was snowing pretty hard as I walked to my car- big, fat snowflakes that blanketed our cars and made it feel like Christmas, officially. I drove next door to the supermarket for some last minute groceries. I bought the stuff for Grasshoppers. I’ve never had one but anything that’s minty chocolate and green and full of booze says “HOHO,  Merrrry Christmas!” to me.

Tonight we’ll go to church if the roads are okay and then come home for some drinks and relaxation by the glow of the Christmas tree. Tomorrow morning we’ll open presents and then venture out to visit with family. I am going to go enjoy my weekend now!


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