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You’re part eggplant January 11, 2011

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rock the casbah, baby

my Christmas present from the Mr.

sooo much crap I need to list on Etsy

sleepy dogs in the window

 The end of 2010 and the beginning of the new year was pretty awful. It included such joys as:
*a terrible cold that made me want to detach my nose and throw it at someone

*a minor but painful procedure called the LEEP with a 6-week healing period of no *ahem* intimacy with my husband

*spending New Year’s Eve in bed with a box of tissues and a bottle of Nyquil

* paying off medical bills with Christmas gift money…fun

I’m trying to stay positive though- and finding joy in the little things helps. The past few days have been better, pretty dang good even. They have included: 

*a Podunk karaoke bar on Saturday night*

*the worst amaretto sour I’ve ever tasted in my life (at said Podunk karaoke bar)

*drinks by the indoor fire pit at a local bar I used to frequent in my serving days

*late-night Taco Bell with my little sister following aforementioned bars

*church on Sunday morning where I was extremely thankful for the coffee they so kindly provide

*chips with Salsa, ranch and queso at Chili’s for lunch, followed by an enormous avocado burger

*watching Splendor in the Grass and marveling at how studly Warren Beatty used to be

*Sleepytime Vanilla Tea and True Romance

*fondue night with cousin

*impromptu jam session and subsequent dance party

*a movie (the Brothers Bloom) under a comfy quilt

* a scary drive home in the dark and snow

*sleeping in today and drinking practically a whole pot of coffee while listening to records and organizing


One Response to “You’re part eggplant”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Crazy Dance….Ooooohhhhhh yyyeeeaahhhhh

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