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Pink Elephants, Deserted Malls, and Ugly but Comfortable Shoes February 8, 2011

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me & Miss Baby Belly in front of the Pink Elephant Antique Mall

Mandy in front of the closed Twistee Treat Hut

beam me up, scotty!

me looking very giddy/drunk in the candy gingerbread gazebo

awesome sign by the highway

Shandi in the Throne of Love

creepy Annie Oakley mannequin with her only friend, Mandy

This Sunday was pretty awesome; I went on a mini-road trip with my two besties, Shandi & Mandy. Our first stop was this awesome antique place in Livingston, Il-The Pink Elephant. It used to be a school but it is now a house for loads of amazing antiques. Even the old gym stage is lined with treasures. I didn’t find anything I had to have, but my friends found some things. Shandi bought a pink Chenille bedspread, a little green paperweight in the shape of a whale, and salt & pepper shakers, which I think were in the shape of lanterns or something. Mandy bought a lot of paper ephemera, including old sheet music for scrapbooking purposes, some old wedding photographs, an awesome 1941-42 album full of wonderful Florida vacation photos. I really wanted these awesome ice cream cone lamps up by the register but they were part of the décor and not for sale.

Even more fun than the treasure-hunting was checking out all the giant kitschy roadside attractions out in front of the place and taking our pictures by them. We also made sure to pose by these creepy wax mannequins in the basement of the mall. Annie Oakley had a mannish face with jacked-up eyelashes and Wild Bill (or General Custer?) was pretty spooky, too. We had a giggling attack while taking the photos-I kept expecting one of the employees to come marching down the stairs at any moment to see what we were up to.

After the Pink Elephant, we headed to the St. Louis Union Station. We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Café before heading in to shop. The whole place ended up being pretty deserted; half the shops were closed and there seemed to be quite a few unsavory characters drifting around so after a few photos of Shandi with The Throne of Love & Zoltar the fortune teller, we set off for greener pastures. The Galleria mall was much cooler, although more upscale and thus more expensive. All three of us bought Crocs at the Croc store and cheap jewelry at Forever 21. I bought dark chocolate Fleur De Sel Moose Munch at Harry & David’s. Mandy bought this amazing loose leaf herbal tea called Youth Berry that we all got to sample and Shandi spent the bulk of her money on new duds at Torrid.

We left St. Louis around 5 and were back in P-town around 8. I feel like we crammed an awful lot into a 12 hour period, considering close to half of that time was spent driving. I was exhausted that night but it was well worth it! I want to try to plan more day trips in the near future, especially when the weather gets nicer.


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  1. I am totally with you on that one!

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