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Collection #6: Drink Pitchers March 1, 2011

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Probably one of my oldest collections, drink pitchers are something I can never pass up when thrifting. I’m not sure what started my obsession, but I do remember being a little girl and having a glass of juice poured from a glass pitcher that was covered in a design of pretty swirls of color. I love having different pitchers for different holidays/occasions and I love busting them out for parties (not that I have many) and serving cocktails or other beverages. Sometimes I just slice up a bunch of citrus fruits and fill one up with water to keep in the fridge. It doesn’t matter that we have a water cooler in our kitchen with a constant supply of filtered water; there is just something about reaching for that colorful vintage pitcher in the fridge that makes me happy. Maybe it’s materialistic that certain objects give me the warm fuzzies, but hey, life is short, dude.  Enjoy the little things. 🙂


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