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The Town that Time Forgot March 13, 2011

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Main Street in Galena, Il.

goodies from the little shops, mostly stuff from the Galena Canning Co.

Ulysses S. Grant's home in Galena

Grant's living room

impromptu photo at "Durty Gurt's", an excellent burger joint

ice cream cone timer from Maint Street shop and brass fawn from antique store by our rental house

vintage pins from the antique shop

The Mr. and I had a fun weekend in Galena, Il with some friends. We drove up Friday afternoon and left today at noon (today being Sunday). We stayed in a wooded hilly area called “the territories” which was about 10 minutes away from the picturesque Main Street in the heart of town.

Actually, the whole town was quaint. It was full of small independent shops, cute little inns, and bed-and-breakfast places. We had an awesome 4-bedroom rental house with a hot tub, which was perfect for three couples, but I’d like to go back and stay in one of the little inns. There was one called the Snoop Sisters that looked adorable.

We had a really nice time that included cooking nearly disastrous meals, hot tubbing it, playing silly party games, enjoying Galena wine purchased after an extremely rushed wine-tasting experience, shopping on Main Street, stopping for a scoop of gelato in a shop that becomes a “speakeasy” bar at night, sampling way to many kinds of warm popcorn, antique stores, Mexican food and margaritas before noon, a tour of Ulysses S. Grant’s home (0ne of his homes), giddy laughter while making perverted shapes from Play-doh, cinnamon rolls and coffee breakfast, and many other simple pleasures. The change of scenery was nice and it was relaxing to have an entire weekend with no responsibilities. I needed it badly.  Someone needs to plan another getaway so I have something else to look forward to!


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