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Is this old? April 13, 2011

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pretty floral tins

plastic rhinestone brooch, already sold

vintage mushroom mugs

pretty Lefton ashtray

mid century jeweled tree necklace

It has been a busy past couple of days, but that’s how I like it. Keeping busy keeps my mind occupied and away from things I don’t need to be dwelling on. Yesterday was a much-needed Thrifty Tuesday with my thrifting partner, aka my mom, whom I shall henceforth refer to as MM. Which I bet you thought stands for “my mom” but you are WRONG, amigo. It stands for “Mighty Mouse”. Because she is short but feisty.

Anyways, MM and I hit our favorite shops and only managed three of them in a three hour period of time. It seemed everywhere we went yesterday, people were in a talking mood. We are used to chatting it up with shop owners, other customers, random crazy people; it’s just a fun part of the social side to our thrifting excursions. But yesterday brought it to a whole new level. It seemed everywhere we went, someone had a story to tell. The first stop made me sad; the owner told us some things that are going on in her life right now that I cannot imagine. It put thing in perspective for me as far as things I’ve been going through. It goes to show you that everybody has their something, their own burden to bear, their secret to carry, their grief to endure.

At the second store we went to, the owner was equally as talkative but just wanted to share funny stories with me about past customers and the crazy things she has seen over the years. She confided that she has seen more naked people in her lifetime than most people. Apparently, there have been numerous occasions where people (obviously not of sound mind or just under the influence of something) have stripped down to their undies to try on clothes off the racks!! One lady actually left the door to the dressing room wide open and then starting conversing quite comfortably with people as they walked by! I told the owner she should start a blog for  her adventures/encounters. She looked slightly confused by my suggestion, so I’m wondering if she even knows what a blog is…

At our final stop of the day, we just talked to the workers there because MM happens to work for that particular chain of thrift stores. Oh, and we also talked to this one (special) guy who I have seen out shopping many times and who always wants to know “Is this old?”. He found a wood carving  (that was pretty neat actually) and proceeded to ask everyone around him if it was old. He asked the employee behind the counter to borrow her magnifying glass. When MM & I were in line, he came up to tell me he liked my lamp, which was an amazing seafoam green Hi-Light lamp for $2.49.

“ I really like your lamp”, he said about ten times, eyeing it. I had the feeling he wanted it but knew that it wouldn’t be polite to ask. Then he touched the beaded earring hanging from my ear and said “Oh, I like your earrings” and then walked off.  I had to laugh; he makes me smile every time I see him. There is just something so sweet and endearing in his nature; the innocence of someone like him stirs up a deeply protective side in me. I get really nasty to anyone who is rude or mistreats someone like him in any way.

Anyways, I think this is the most rambling blog entry yet. I didn’t even get to list all the thrifted treasures I found. Oh, well, next time. I’m going to go take a nice long walk outside on this lovely spring evening.


2 Responses to “Is this old?”

  1. I love the tree necklace, might have to steal it out of your room when you’re least expecting it and you’ll only know its gone when you try to find it for someone who bought it on your etsy

  2. swankylady Says:

    hehe, I would probably just think it was lost forever somewhere in my mess

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