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I’m no Jackie O April 25, 2011

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We can thank Miss Fluffy's rice cook book for these magical culinary creations!

this delightful concoction involves shrimp and unflavored gelatin
Who wants a rice parfait?? It’s got red food coloring to create that lovely hue..yumm!

Today was pretty ok for a Monday. The work day went pretty fast, which is always a good thing. After a quick dinner with the Mister, I headed off to ship a few Etsy orders and then of course…squeezed in a quick thrift stop. Tomorrow I do not get my usual day off because I switched my day for Wednesday since I hope to be having another IUI that day. So naturally, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to stop by Goodwill since it was not that far from the post office. Only a few little miles. 🙂

I  ended up SO glad I stopped in! It was pouring down buckets of rain when I got there. With both the rain factor and the time proximity to dinner time, it was not busy at all. I haven’t had great luck with this particular Goodwill for a while now, so I was pleased to spot a small vintage globe right away for $2.99. Now my collection is complete…until I find another one I can’t resist. I took this as good omen and decided to head up to the front of the store for a cart. Next, I found two mid century milk glass pedestal mugs with a turquoise rooster design, each for 99 cents.

I passed up a neat Smith-Corona typewriter because I really have no place in my home for it and I have no desire to ship such a beast. I bought a 1955 hardback children’s book entitled “All about Rockets and Jets” and it has a little rocket graphic on it. I also found a pitcher and drinking glass set that is amazing! It’s 1950’s frosted glass in alternating stripes of bright blue and neon green. (Probably eventually for the shop).

The most random purchase of the night was a dress, not vintage, although it has that style and design. It’s a loud, colorful shift dress in a neon, psychedelic floral print. It has a strip on white fabric down the front of the dress that has little bows on it. I love it! I can’t actually picture myself wearing it but I figured, if nothing else, it would make a neat dress for some kind of go-go girl costume. It was a little high for me at $6.99 but it still had its tags and when I squinted my eyes, I could see the original price through the black Sharpie scribble. $228. When I got home I did some quick research on the designer, Lilly Pulitzer and was really excited that I had gone with my instinct and bought the dress. I really like the history behind the designer. Even Jackie O wore her shifts! It’s true what they say about thrift store shopping… you never know what you might find!


2 Responses to “I’m no Jackie O”

  1. you always find cool stuff

  2. swankylady Says:

    thanks dudette, I found you a little something a couple weeks ago that I haven’t given you yet…I think you’ll like it!

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