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Happy Mama’s Day May 8, 2011

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Mother’s Day…a day to celebrate all the wonderful women in our lives who gave us life and so much more. For me, it’s been a bitter-sweet day these past few couple of years as it serves as a reminder… I am not a mother. Not yet. But I can honor my own mom on this occasion. She was and continues to be the best mom I could ever have asked for. She’s my best friend. I can only hope to be the kind of mother she has been to me and my two sisters.

Since I don’t have mothers day pictures to post of me and my darling human childen, I decided to take pictures of my fur babies.  Every year since I married my husband, they get me something for mother’s day. (I suspect they might have some help with that). For some reason, the camera makes them instantly pitiful and sad-eyed so these aren’t the best photos, but here they are…my fur children.

Jose looking depressed

Lou looking pathetic

we can't forget Mr. Peepers!


5 Responses to “Happy Mama’s Day”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Peepers made me laugh out loud! I should post a pick of me and my Milo, the lovable little poop machine!

  2. Mandy Says:

    Wow Mr. Peepers!! You are looking beautiful!

  3. swankylady Says:

    Nicole, you should! He is a cutie.

    Haha, Mandy. That is probably the first time in his little life he has been called “beautiful ” 🙂

  4. hahahaha Yes, we cannot forget Mr. Peepers!!!! I loved naming that frog. hehehe it really looked like he was posing, didn’t it? You better use your dog shots for Father’s Day though, because you know that they were probably looking for Paul…

  5. swankylady Says:

    yeah you are correct, Shandi…he is totally their favorite human. traitors…hehe

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