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Collection #7: Kokeshi Dolls May 14, 2011

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I have been collecting these Japanese dolls since the fall of 2009. How do I know exactly when my collection began? Because I just went into the “sold” section of my Etsy shop to see when I sold the pair of Kokeshi dolls I instantly missed after I shipped them out to their new owner. I have never wanted to cancel a sale so badly in my life!

I had come across these traditional folk art dolls before and never had much of an interest but noticed that they always fetched a fairly high price online. I found three that summer for a cheap price at the flea market and listed them all on Etsy without a second thought. The first one sold and I didn’t bat an eye. Then I began reading up on their enigmatic history and was hooked.

A day or two later the other two dolls sold before I had thought to delete the listing. I was bummed but determined to find another doll for myself.Of course, I did. And of course, I didn’t stop with one. I don’t find them often but it’s always exciting when I spot one. I never pay more than $2 for one. About seven of the dolls were for sale as a collection at a local thrift store for only $10.  I would say my collection is complete although I don’t see myself passing any up if the price is right 🙂


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