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Can You Hold on a Sec, I’m On My Hamburger Phone May 17, 2011

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vintage letter sorting basket

vintage toy sewing machine

retro cheese board

Above is three new items in the shop this week! I am trying to update more because I need to increase my cash flow. I just started on an expensive injectible fertility drug to replace Clomid. Today I cashed in our coins and transferred over my personal savings to our mutual account so we can pay off what we’ve been charging. Since everything we do is “out of pocket”, I have to stay on top of this or we could be buried in debt fast.

I did my usual Tuesday thrifting with my mom, but I set a budget and stuck to it. We ate on the cheap, although not healthy. (KFC, baby!) And I passed up several items that were cool but not amazing. I did find a few awesome things, one being the toy sewing machine above. Also, a sea foam/minty-green triple strand necklace from the 1960s and a hamburger phone like the one out of Juno!

Now I’m home, I’ve got the needle-in-the-tummy crap out of the way for the night, and a band aid over the entry wound. (I stabbed the needle in a little too hard and was bleeding a bit). I’m going to make chai tea and watch some junky TV and then read a little bit of ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’ before bed.


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