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Victim of Circumstance May 31, 2011

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too much coffee + waiting for my mom to arrive= frightening pictures of myself

Can you believe it? I did NO thrifting of any kind today. And it wasn’t really that hard, no joke.

Things have been crazy lately… super duper crazy. Some personal family stuff is kind of overwhelming right now and so is the state of my house. I decided to stay in on my day off and get things done. I cleaned a bit upstairs, brought up more stuff from the basement for the garage sale, packaged some sold Etsy items, and played my lost-but-found Joan Jett & the Blackhearts record:

Joan, how I've missed ya!

That’s one of the benefits of cleaning-you find some amazing things you never thought you’d see again. In the dusty depths of the basement, I found some more of my old records (a sheepish find, for I always secretly blamed my little sister for their disappearance) a pink rhinestone cocktail ring that I bought at at a garage sale in high school and then “lost” in my room, loads of old photos and notes passed illegally in school, and some awesome 1950’s drinking glasses in dreamy pastel colors that I faintly remember buying at the East Peoria antique mall and then immediately hiding them from my husband in our basement. Apparently, I hid them too well…

Also, this shelf has been sitting around for a year now and I made my husband hang it above our water cooler. As originally planned, it now houses some of my teas rather than dust and cobwebs. I don’t have to go thrifting; I can just shop in my basement!

When my mom (aka MM) arrived, we talked, we cried, we prayed and we ate lunch. That last thing is not so poignant but still worth a mention. She brought me gorgeous peonies from her garden and in return, I fed her my homemade salsa with chips and my creamy crab dip with Ritz crackers, which we had with a nice, green salad to balance things out. I showed her all the progress I’ve made in the house. She could totally see a difference in the upstairs. The basement…not so much. I guess she hadn’t been down there for a couple of years because as I swept my arms about like Vanna White and smiled expectantly, she just stared.

Her: “It looks about the same”

Me: “No, look!” (taking huge exaggerated steps around) “There are pathways and places to actually walk around!” (another hopeful smile)

Her: (blank stare) “hm…”

Oh well, at least I can see the diffence!


7 Responses to “Victim of Circumstance”

  1. I smell a book cover, and it smells like awesome and lipgloss

  2. swankylady Says:

    hahaha….and lipgloss. too funny.

  3. swankylady Says:

    what would the book be about? The memoir of a vintage shopping addict?

  4. I want to shop in your basement too, or just pilfer and steal in your basement….I love the shelf, too cool, why have you never mentioned it to me before? I like your scary pictures, oddly enough the one in the bottom right corner scares me the most…..

  5. swankylady Says:

    haha, thanks, I dunno why I never mentioned it. I buy too much crap to mention. Correction: used to buy. I have to slow my roll. You like my scary photos? I think the middle right is the scariest. The one in the bottom rights was fun- I was pretending to be a beauty pageant winner while I waved and turned my head side to side and grinned obnoxiously.

  6. Mandy Says:

    I want to shop in your basement too!! Speaking of…I was headed to your garage sale this morning…and there was no garage sale. lol.

    • swankylady Says:

      I know! I’m sorry! There will be one next weekend for sure, but any time this week you want to come shop before the crowd, come on over!!

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