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Back to My Old Tricks June 21, 2011

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I finally went thrifting again! After our big garage sale and a month-long hiatus from shopping, I allowed myself to hit up a couple shops with MM today. I think I did pretty good; I only spent about $4 and found all the goodies above plus two melmac bowls that aren’t pictured. The brooch I will wear, the pyrex mixing bowls will be put to use in the kitchen, and the toy vintage RV (the husband says its a TV truck but I am calling it an RV) will have to hold me over until I can purchase a real one someday. I didn’t purchase anything for the shop and I don’t plan on it until the day I can honestly say the inventory is depleted. I am a looong way away from that day. I still have enough inventory for three shops!

Besides the short but much-needed shopping excursion, it was a lovely (albeit hot) summer day. We had planned to make The Pioneer Woman’s sherried tomato basil soup for lunch but we ran out of time and ended up ravenously scarfing down Taco Bell around 1:00. Later in the afternoon we went back to my place and made some iced coffees and the soup. So thrifting and food was the overall theme of the day, which is ok by me. Now it’s stormy and dark outside even though its only 6,  so I might be getting out of the plans I had for a walk tonight with a friend. I just might get to eat popsicles in bed and watch my DVR-ed episode of “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition”. Don’t judge.


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