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Third Sunday Fun Day July 17, 2011

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cute little fawn planter for $4

I don't need any more aprons but this one was $3


Awesome atomic retro glasses with pink and white boomerangs! $25...my big purchase of the day.

vintage photo for $1. Aren't these fashionable ladies fabulous?

buttons for my bestie...at 5 cents a button!

country just aint what it used to be!

Today was the Third Sunday Market in Bloomington! It was the first time I went this year and it was miserably H-O-T. My aunt from Missouri came into town for the weekend with two girlfriends and they, along with my other aunt who lives here, met my mom and I at the market around 9. Already it was boiling, and my face was tomato red within minutes.

Despite the heat, we managed to cover some ground. I found all the treasures above, plus a Veruca Salt record. My mom found two doll-sized antique wooden chairs, one with crackled white paint and another painted minty green. She has about eighteen different ideas on how she is going to use them in her decor. She also bought the largest leaded crystal punch bowl I have ever seen in my life. That sucker musta weighed about thirty pounds.

Me: “Throwing a party, mom?”

Mom: *red-faced, huffing, struggling to carry bowl* “Shut up.”

Finally, around 12:30, we stopped to eat. I had already downed two bottles of water from our cooler of drinks in the car but was getting pretty hungry. The food court is half the reason I like going to the 3rd Sunday market! I ordered a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich and fried zucchini  with ranch for dipping (yum!) We went inside to an area where there are little tables and walked around until some seats opened up. I felt like a nerdy kid in the school cafeteria, carrying my tray and looking for a place where I might be welcome!

Finally,  we nabbed a spot and chatted it up with a cute old man. He shared with us that he collects old money, buttons, and silver. While we were finishing up our lunch and conversing, I began to notice a scratchy sensation in my left pant-leg. (I had jeans on because I hate my legs in shorts). “Hmm…” I thought absent-mindedly, “I wonder what is caught up in my sock, a twig or something.” A few milliseconds later and I realized that the object on my ankle was moving upwards!

“Something’s in my pants!” I screeched, and attacked my leg with the ferocity of a jungle cat. I flipped up my pant leg and a huge black beetle was indeed on my skin. I clawed it off and my mom screamed in horror as it fell to the ground. The old man calmly stood up and  obligingly smacked the offending creature with the end of his cane a few times. We decided it was time to leave after that.

The air-conditioning in the car was a blessed relief. As soon as we got back into town, we grabbed some pink lemonade and hopped into the pool to cool off. Even though we had a fun time, I don’t think I will be going to the Third Sunday Market in July  next year. Not unless someone volunteers to follow me around with a fan, a parasol, and a spray bottle of ice water to mist me with!



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