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A deliciously indulgent day August 3, 2011

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Remember my little basil plant?

It grew. This is a picture from last week, so it was even bigger than this yesterday when I decided to pick off three cups worth of leaves for basil walnut pesto.

It was delish! We loved it and will definitely be making it again. I copied the recipe into my handy dandy notebook as I do with all recipes I have tried out and enjoyed. This notebook is one of the top ten things I’d grab in the event of a kitchen fire. My co-worker/cooking mentor gave me the idea a couple years ago when I mentioned how I always lose track of recipes. Her idea to customize any small notebook with divider tabs is such a time saver when you are looking for a specific recipe. Like she does, I only fill my book with recipes that I have tried and absolutely loved.

Tossing this fresh pesto with warm pasta was the perfect lunch and a nice end to a busy morning of thrifting with my mom. After a short hiatus from my Tuesday shopping sprees, I caved yesterday and went  a little wild. I’d have the decency to be ashamed of myself if I wasn’t so pleased with my haul.

Some of my “treasures”: a small child-sized suitcase in a 60’s-ish floral print (50 cents!), a ceramic poodle, a box full of 54 vintage Bingo cards, a large plaid pump thermos, a  lidded Pyrex refridgerator dish in yellow, a giant big-eyed owl wall plaque, a pink jewelry box with pink velvet interior, three casual shirts to wear, a pastel pink vintage nightgown with Peter Pan collar, two tiny enameled Turkish sauce pots in red, a vintage napkin holder that someone probably swiped from a diner table, a vintage Fisher-Price pull-toy of a little airplane with a cute aviator guy, and….that might be all. That’s all I can think of, anyways. I spent about $40 (eeek!). So it is my goal to make at least that much on Etsy this week to make up for my binge. 🙂

The day was close to perfect, especially my evening, which I got to spend with my two bestest friends since childhood. We had a snacky-type supper of pigs in blankets, spinach dip and bread, veggies and dip, grapes, popcorn, etc. and held Shandi’s wee bebe. We rented the new Jane Eyre but talked through most of it. It was fabulous. It’s days like yesterday that make me really love my life.



4 Responses to “A deliciously indulgent day”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Awww, well put! WOW 40 smackers! That’s a lot of thrifting! And that’s a good Idea about the notebook!

  2. swankylady Says:

    hehe, I know…don’t tell my husband! He knows I buy my stuff on the cheap so $40 is MUCH more than I usually spend. But I got shirts to wear, too, and some people could have easily spent $40 on 3 new shirts. So…yeah. I can justify it that way. 😉

  3. Aw I had fun too. How do you like your music thus far? You’ll have to come by if you want the rest, I have it held hostage.

  4. swankylady Says:

    I love it! Thanks again. You have impeccable taste, my dear.

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