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Quit Bogarting the Kettle Corn August 21, 2011

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Third Sunday Market was today and I managed to talk my mom into going with me at the last minute. I called her late last night. Our conversation went a bit like this:

Me: Hey, momma, yunno what tomorrow is?

Mom: Sunday?

Me: Yes, but not just aaany Sunday….

Mom: (over-exuberant tone) The THIRD Sunday!!

Me: Do you want to go? We probably shouldn’t go. We don’t need anything…but do you want to go?

Mom: Do you?

Me: I do if you do.

Mom: You’re right, we don’t need to buy anything. And I’m supposed to go out to the property with your dad tomorrow. But let me just ask your dad and if he doesn’t mind, we’ll go.

Me: Ok, but don’t push it if you feel like he’s not ok with it. I certainly don’t need to spend any more money.

Mom: Yeah, me either. Ok, I’ll call you right back!  *click*

Two seconds later, the phone rings.

Mom: What time are we going?

Yeah, we’re addicts. We try to act like we’re going to stop but we both know it’s not going to happen! We didn’t do too much damage today, though. Here are my finds:

sweet little bone china angel, headed for the Etsy shop

poodles with pink fur!

owl head eyeglass holder

chalkware bust

baby blue 1950's tulle and ribbons hat

Everything I purchased is for the shop, except for the poodles, of course. I also bought $1 worth of vintage fabric that I forgot to photograph because it’s airing out on my back porch. Note to self: Sniff fabric before purchasing to prevent purchasing anything stinky and mildew-scented! My mom bought a large swatch of fabric, some little floral juice glasses, and an amazing potted flower that was some sort of giant hot pink and purple Aster. We also purchased a $6 bag of kettle corn which we snarfed down on the drive home. Good times.


One Response to “Quit Bogarting the Kettle Corn”

  1. Nicole Says:

    You didn’t learn anything from that curing hoarding book did you?! Ha ha you guys crack me up. You should seriously write a thrifting adventure book. PS you can only imagine the look condescending look on my face when I came to the poodles.

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