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Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough September 20, 2011

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super kawaii!!

owl cookie jar!

Thrifting has been good this past week, starting with an eclectic  haul last Tuesday that included an old Pepsi crate, big-eyed owl salt & peppers shakers, a vintage Pyrex bowl, an old Aunt Jemima syrup bottle, Syrocco seagull wall plaques, a faux black crocodile skin and chrome ice bucket with wooden accents, a 1963 knitting book, and a Judy Garland record. I am keeping the Pepsi crate and the record; the rest is already listed in the shop (except for the seagulls-I need to photograph them).

Then this past Sunday, I hit up the Third Sunday Market with my  mom, my aunt and my cousin. I think I showed much restraint. I only came home with two items pictured above.

The Kokeshi doll is for my collection and the cookie jar is most likely headed for the shop. I really like it but don’t really have a space for it. Next month is the last month for Third Sunday. I can’t believe how fast this summer went by. I didn’t hit up a single garage sale! Oh, well. There’s always next year.

Today we only made it to a Goodwill and two Salvation Armys. I spent my morning working on listing, photographing and packaging two orders to ship. I listened to records and burned my Gold Canyon Strudel & Spice candle. I made myself a green smoothie (frozen banana, red raspberries, spinach, juice) and then baked banana bread on a whim because I noticed my remaining bananas were mushy and about to turn black.

By the time my mom & I met up and hit the road, it was almost lunch time. First stop: Goodwill. I found a kitschy kangaroo cookie jar but put it back on the shelf when I noticed a rather large crack. Bummer. My mom talked herself out of three things she had in her cart. We left empty handed.

Next stop: Salvation Army, our favorite one. It’s the biggest and most jam-packed with vintage goodness. I found:

freakin adorable coffee/tea set

itty bitty deer planter

retro sunglasses

Also found: 1982 G.I. Joe Halloween mask still in the box, an 1980’s black with metallic paint spatter cummerbund (!), and a 1950’s First Communion cake topper. Everything was a total steal! I left feeling giddy.

Final stop: Salvation Army, the crappy one by my house. This one is smaller, more sparse, and ofter over-priced. We dug around for quite some time and I was rewarded with this funky little handbag:

Psychedelic, baby, yeah!

It’s one of those “it’s so ugly it’s cool” kind of things. It looks better in person than in pictures. The fabric is actually sparkly. I can’t decide if it’s for muah or the shop. I also found a $2 Old Navy cross-body tote in a rather Autumnal cotton print. I really like huge, slouchy casual bags that you can sling around and throw over your shoulder
without a fuss. I am hard on the things I own, so it’s very convenient that I like to buy second-hand.

After Salvation Army part deux, we called it quits. We went back to my house for a thick slice of banana bread and butter and showed my husband-who had returned home from work and was already asleep on the couch-my fabulous finds. He usually makes fun of most of what I purchase and today was no exception. The totally tubular cummerbund was especially amusing/bewildering to him. As were the Elton-eqsue sunglasses…

mocking my day's purchases


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