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Sauerkraut, Flowers, and Plans to Hibernate October 2, 2011

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Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m going to be 29 (eeek!) Today the Mr. and I met our family for the annual Sausage Supper. We have been going to it since I was a little girl. It usually falls on or around my birthday since it is always held the first Sunday in October. I always hated it when I was a kid. I didn’t like the sausages and just the mere smell of sauerkraut made me want to gag. I remember filling up on  bread and applesauce and thinking “some birthday meal…I’ve been cheated”.

Well, I don’t feel like that anymore! I still hate sauerkraut but everything else there is sooo delicious. I don’t even really love sausage but these are different. They are no ordinary sausages. It probably helps that they’ve been deep fried. It was nice to see family and share a meal with them. My father-in-law met up with us this year (mother-in-law is in Maine to be there for the birth of Paul’s sisters baby) and he gave me flowers…

…which he insisted on bringing into the building and setting on our table, hehe. On our way out, my cousin gave me my present from my aunt, which included:

more enamel flower pins!!!

It’s not even my birthday yet and I already I feel special! Tomorrow I have to work until 6 so I decided nothing sounded better than eating at home. The Mr. is going to pick up food from my favorite Italian restaurant and a bottle of wine. I’m going to pick up a DVR from Red Box on my way home. We’re going to eat dinner by candlelight and I’m going to be wearing pajama bottoms. The fact that this plan appeals to me more than getting dolled up and going out for a night on the town makes me feel very old. But somehow…I just don’t care 🙂


One Response to “Sauerkraut, Flowers, and Plans to Hibernate”

  1. Colee Says:

    Sounds romantic to me!

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