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Granny wants her stuff back October 4, 2011

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Awesome vintage crocheted blanket with blue roses... $2 well spent!

close up of the blanket

vintage faux bois and cork ice bucket!

vintage yellow vinyl ice bucket

Today was a day of errands…yuck. My husband was home for the day; he has vacation time to use up. We went to the post office, the pharmacy, the gas station to cash in my winning $20 scratch-off lotto ticket that his Grandma gave me in my birthday card, and to the bank to pay off a $20 overage on our mortgage. (bet you can guess where the money for that came from!)

By the time our errands were finished, I was ready for a quick thrift trip. My sweet hubby kindly dropped me off at my mom’s house and we promptly set off in search of treasures. We hit a Goodwill and a Salvation army, taking about an HOUR at each place. I was getting pretty cranky by the time we were done.

I am not a person who likes to stay in one shop for too long. I scan the shelves quickly for the things I am interested in and then I move on. Mom likes to take her time, often walking up the same aisles multiple times, digging through bins, picking up things and turning them over, looking behind things. This method works for her. She finds amaaazing things; sometimes I even benefit from her stalwart approach. She finds beautiful antique pieces that most people wouldn’t notice right away. She definitely has an eye for beauty.

My own tastes run more toward the kitschy side. I think this is why it’s easy for me to find the things I like. They seem to just pop out at me as I walk by. Lately I’ve been attracted to objects I would decribe as “granny chic”, anything crocheted or frilly, with flowers, kittens or birds on it. The blanket would be an apt example of granny chic.  Today I found the blanket and ice buckets above.  For $1, I found an office wire basket for printer paper. I found a turquoise and gold apothecary jar and a  mid century apron with a red, white, yellow and blue  Asian print. It has little pagodas, flowers, and kokeshi-like people on it and it is trimmed in white ric rac ribbon. The blanket was half off for some reason, so it only cost $2!  I spent $14 total…not too shabby.

I’ve decided from now on to save all my receipts in a book and keep better track of my spending. Even though I keep some of what I buy, I’ve always felt like I break even with my sales on Etsy (supporting my habit, so to speak) but it would be nice to have a better idea of what kind of profit I make from all of this.  If any. 🙂


2 Responses to “Granny wants her stuff back”

  1. Thee are some awesome things at my goodwill right by the register, that if i had money would have been mine. cool tin cake covers and coffee, sugar, tea canisters that kind of matched. the cake one was yellow with flowers and the tins were black with the same flowers. they had a broken Victorian feel to them. they had scratches and dents but i loved that about them, they looked used and worn, it gave them personality.

  2. swankylady Says:

    Yeah, I saw some of that stuff a couple of weeks ago!! They got in a huuuge shipment of vintage tin canisters…probably someone’s amazing personal collection. Goodwill had them all priced sky-high, unfortunately. 😦

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