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My “30 things before 30” List October 4, 2011

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#31-Communicate telepathically with my dog

These are 30 things I want to accomplish before this time next year. Some are serious, some are silly and/or frivolous. Without further ado….my 30 things:

1. Start/join a book club.

2. Host a wine and fondue party.

3. Try red hair.

4. Give yoga another try.

5. Get a hot stone massage.

6. Lose 30 lbs.

7. Get a brazilian wax (just to see how friggin bad it hurts and how weird it will look.)

8. See how far I can walk in one entire day.

9. Cook my way through an entire cookbook.

10. Get a passport.

11. Make a baby OR decide on IVF or adoption and begin the process

12. Read 30 books. (just a minimum, of course)

13. Get a new mattress.

14. Go camping.

15. Have professional but really candid outdoor photographs taken of me and Paul.

16. Take at least two mini-road trips.

17. Learn to knit or crochet.

18. Start a second Etsy shop.

19. Quit the gym and discover ways to excercise for free.

20. Pay off our debt.

21. Learn to control my insulin resistance better.

22. Master the art of good housekeeping.

23. Have my own booth at an antique mall.

24. Buy a piece of original art.

25. Start seriously working on finishing the basement.

26. Eat at Medieval Times.

27. Acquire a La Creuset dutch oven.

28. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast.

29. Try acupuncture.

30. Learn to do more hairstyles with long hair.

Some of these goals are things one must do alone. But if any of you few readers- aka besties -see something on this list you would like to do with me or help me achieve, let me know. I’m not the best at following through with resolutions or goals. I have exactly one year to check everything off this list!


6 Responses to “My “30 things before 30” List”

  1. Colee Says:

    2 – You drink the wine, I’ll eat the fondue
    12 – I have a book you can read! Oh yeah, I wrote it!
    14 – I’m going camping this weekend with mom and dad, feel free to join!
    15 – My friend Beau is a really good photographer and shoots engagement and wedding photos I could totally hook you up.
    16 – Sign me up, I’ll start makin’ playlists and printing maps
    18 – I’m ready for your lingerie Dime Store Dolly
    19 – I put on my iPod and run up and down stairs
    24 – We should both make a pact to do this at the next fair
    26 – Mmm nothing like eating a sweaty turkey leg caveman style in front of a bunch of carnies in chain mail

  2. swankylady Says:

    Hehe, Nicole…I like your comments. #26-” Mmm nothing like eating a sweaty turkey leg caveman style in front of a bunch of carnies in chain mail” Well, when you put it like that it doesn’t sound as fun, hehe

  3. Out of your list here is what I would like to do as well, some with you, obviously some cannot include you like #11
    1–I thought we did start one, but are waiting for the first meeting,
    3–I love red hair and I was re-watching Burlesque after you left last night and the one girl who gets knocked up had beautiful red hair
    5–A hot stone massage would be nifty. I also wanna try one of those body wraps that is supposed to take like 14 inches off of your body somehow
    6–I need to lose more than 30, but 30 is a good start
    11–I know I just had a baby and I am thrilled beyond words about that, but I wouldn’t mind having another little one close in age to Adin and I guess I still am hoping that we might have a healthy little girl
    14–I’d like to go camping, but tent on the ground camping, cabin camping
    15–Chris and I have no photos of each other together and it sucks
    16–I loved our road trip last year to the Pink Elephant and I am totally up for more
    20–it’ll take longer than a year for this, but it is something I want to work harder on
    22–I can barely keep the house decent, so I definitely need to Martha Stewart it up
    24–I want to do this soon because my friend Jeff does some awesome stuff
    25–One room does not a basement make, we need to have it completely finished and every space useable
    26–I have always wanted to go there!!!!! I don’t care about the food, I think that ambiance would be neat. I also really really want to go eat at the Rainforest Cafe.
    28–I have wanted to this since I was little. They seem so quaint and antiquated, more slow paced and classic. I think staying a a haunted one would be totally awesome.
    29–I heard that this is quite relaxing and I’d be willing to try it once

  4. swankylady Says:

    Cool, Shandi! We’ll have to plan something together soon, like B& B weekend trip with the hubbies or go get a hot stone massage. I need to check something off my list!

  5. Mandy Says:

    I have a long list of things to do before 30 too! I feel old. – I would love to take pics of you guys! It’s fall and the leaves are still pretty 😉

  6. swankylady Says:

    Aww, thanks Manders! 🙂 I want to get skinny first, though. Would you take our pictures in the spring, or maybe around our anniversary? That would rock! You are such an awesome photographer.

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